Humanitarian intervention

Should other country get involved in humanitarian intervention? Humanitarian means when there is a concern for human welfare in a country. Intervention is when a country gets involved into an affair issue another country. In the article “Humanitarian Intervention: Whom to Protect, Whom to protect” by Michael Elliott states, “The U.N. has adopted as a norm of international affairs the “responsibility to protect,” which contemplates the possibility of armed intervention when a state shows itself unable or unwilling to prevent grave human rights abuses”. (Elliott, 2011) The United Nation is one of the organizations that gets involve into human welfare. They protect the country from the struggle they are facing. Then United Nations may not get involved into the war but it could protect human rights. In my opinion humanitarian intervention should be allowed because a country may not be able to take control of the situation. For example if an regime or rebel is harming people in the country then other country should be allowed to help the people if they are able to take control of the situation. Many people disagree because they may think that it’s the country problem and not ours; United Sates. At the same time as a whole country there are already issues in one country that needs to be fixed first then helping others.  People in the country that are not able to control the situation may have a different opinion when another country gets involve in their situation. Many people in the United States worry about the country issues coming to the states. I think that if the United Nations is able to help other country and the people they should be allowed to get involved into protecting the people.,9171,2063770,00.html



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Story line of “A long way gone”

Overall of the book “A long way gone” by Ishmael was a great story of losing his family becoming a child solider and recovery from his trauma. There are many other stories that have gone through similar situation of having to deal with oneself and family such as Hotel Rwanda.  In the story of Ishmael the rebels had taken over the villages and the government at the same time they were capturing young children into child solider. Ishmael had lost his family during the war and was captured by the army base and became a child solider to fight against the rebels. As a child solider he used drugs and weapons as to joining the army base. Towards the end of the story he was taken to Freetown by the UN to a rehabilitation center. After the rehabilitation he moved with his uncle and the rebel’s war went to Freetown. He escaped the war and was adopted by women in New York City.

In the Hotel Rwanda Paul Rusesabagina had faced that he was the only hutu in his family and his wife and kids were tutsi. The hutu were killing the tusi generation and community. Paul working in the Hotel Rwanda he tries to help many people that were tutsi people by believing the UN would help them out with the situation. The United Nation did not help at first because they could not be involved with the war with hutu and tusi but at the end of the movie they helped many people. The way that Untied Nation helped the people in the Hotel Rwanda was by only selecting some family members to take them to the United Nation base. In my personal experience I had asked my family members if there was any war back home in El Salvador. My family member told me that there people who were against the government that started a war. The people that were against the government were recruiting young boys from the age of 12 years old to join them to fight against the government. Many young boys were taken when they were at school or forced out of their house. My family had said that a movie that talks about this war are “Innocent Voices” that shows the war in El Salvador. All three stories show the trauma that each country had to deal with a personal experience.



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Child Solider

Beah had written a book about his experience of being a child solider. From what I had recalled from the text book he was only 12 years old when the Revolutionary United front attacked his village and was separated from his family. As he became a child solider to fight the rebels; the reason he join the army base was to be in a safe environment then getting killed.  In the article “Ex-child-soldier: ‘Shooting became just like drinking a glass of water” by Errol Barnett, CNN says that his family was killed during the civil war. Barnett explain that, “Beah’s progress was so impressive that in 1996 he was selected to go to the United Nations and speak to a conference led by Graca Machel, Nelson Mandela’s wife, on the plight of child soldiers.” (Barnett, 2012) He was an important person to interview in order to know the experience of child solider. In the article it also had explained that he had met “Laura Sims” a UNICEF worker who had adopted him at the age of 17 years old. She brought him to the United States when there was a “Conflict in Freetown in 1998.” (Barnett, 2012) When Beah was in the United States he was enrolled in the United Nations school of New York. He then got a Political science degree in 2004 from graduate school in Oberlin College in Ohio.

I had found another article, “The Perfect Weapon for the Meanest Wars” by Jeffrey Gettleman that talk about child solider in Mozambique. In the article it said “Rebel commanders had constructed a four-foot tall killing machine that cut its way through village after village and nearly overran the government.” (Gettleman, 2007) The rebels had control over the government of Mozambique and involved children into the rebels.  The children were an easy source to get them into the war to fight and kill. By getting children into the rebels it was a way to make a bigger population to fight with the government. Many of these children were forced to fight in the civil war and to use drugs just like the Beah experience. In the article it had stated that “There are 300,000 child soldiers worldwide and experts say the problem is deepening as the nature of conflict itself changes especially in Africa.” (Gettleman, 2007)  In today society there many children that are being forced in child solider even with the rebels or army base in africa. In both occasions it has similar issues of having children into child solider. I believe that some children are able to recover from the trauma but the majority children won’t recover from the trauma of being a solider.

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China textile industry

China has become one of the largest manufacturing of cotton in the globe. China buys the cotton from the United States and makes goods and services from the cotton. Then the United States or other countries buy those goods and service from China. In the book of “The Travel of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy” by Piesta Rivoli said, “it is also projected to soon produce more than 40 percent of the world’s cotton textiles. Cotton was America’s eighth largest export to china in 2007, and U.S cotton exports to china more than tripled between 2000 and 2007.”  (Rivoli) After China has brought the cotton from the United States, they would make stuff like T-Shirts, socks, jeans, or any other material. China is known to make material from the cotton and would export those materials to other countries. The way that China has the way of making a manufacture setting is by having employees to do the job. People that work in this factories do not enough money but a low pay for working.

In the article of “THE COTTON SECTOR IN CHINA” says “Cotton is a pillar agricultural commodity in many regions, and benefits a large rural population. Cotton is also an important raw material in the textile industry. The cotton textile industry is the biggest sector, with over 10 million workers in China, while textiles and garments are the most important export commodities.” (THE COTTON SECTOR IN CHINA) China is a country that has the largest production in fabric and is the best export for goods and services. The cotton has brought business within China and United States. A way of producing the fabric is by having advance technology. The workers in the textile industry would use machines to help thread the cotton and created to a product. China makes more profit when buying the cotton from United States and selling it back to the United States when an item is into fabric.

Work Cited

Pietra Rivoli. (2009) The Travels of T-shirt in the Global Economy.

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Cotton Plantation Market

In the book of “The travels of a T-Shirt in the Global economy” by Petra Rivoli explains the manufacture of a T-shirt made out of cotton. The Arthur travels to find to get information of the cotton market of the way a T-shirt is made out of cotton by traveling to different countries. The production of the cotton market has steps of producing and using cotton into the environment. First the farmer has to grow the cotton, take out the seeds from the cotton and turning it into fabric or any other use. For example cutting and making a T-shirt in which it would go into a market and be sold to companies or customers. In order to have a cotton production the person needs to have labor work, technology, land, and customer that would buy the cotton.

In the 18th century there was cotton slave plantation in order to grow the market of cotton. In the book it stated, “The United States has historically occupied first place in cotton production, cotton exports, farm size and yields per acre.” (Rivoli, 2009, Pg 5) In the United Sates it was the leader of cotton production around the world in the 18th century. The reason is that the U.S has land, slaves, and advance technology in order to have the cotton manufactures to make business all over the world. In the article of “Cotton and Southern Slavery” by Historical Boy’s Clothing explain that during the industrial revolution it had made an impact in the modern life in the 18th century. In the 18th century “Ely Whitney’s” (Historical Boy’s Clothing, 2007, Paragraph 1) was the person that has created a technology name “Cotton gin.” (Historical Boy’s Clothing, 2007, Paragraph 1) By the new technology of the cotton gin it was a way of cleaning out the seeds from the cotton. If the producers of the cotton have technology and labor work to manufacture cotton it would advance the cotton market.

Cited work

Pietra Rivoli. (2009) The Travels of T-shirt in the Global Economy.

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General Assembly

The United Nations General Assembly is one of the six principal structures of the United Nations and which all member nations are equal representation. On 3 November 1950, the General Assembly adopted resolution 377 A (V), in which the title “Uniting for Peace”. The approval of this resolution was a response to Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) to take away any determination by the Security Council in order to have protection in the Republic of Korea with the aggression against the military forces from North Korea. The Security Council was able to commend the participated of the United Nations to provide assistance to the Republic of Korea as necessary to repel the armed attack and international peace and security in the area of Korea. The resolution had passed because the USSR of boycotted the meetings of the Security Council with the allocation of the permanent Chinese seat to the communist Government in Beijing.

In the United for peace resolution, UNSC would not maintain international peace. It was an issue by the general assembly. There is four generation of peacekeeping. The first generation is traditional, physical barrier between the opponents. The second generation is peace building, also includes a police function. The third generation is peace enforcement, including low-level of military operations. The fourth generation is delegated peacekeeping to original organization. In the general assembly the presidency rotates every year within five people of states.  The first committee in the general assembly is disarmament and international security. The second committee is economic and financial issues. The final committee, social humanitarian and cultural issues. The general assembly has six principles of organs in 1945: SC, ECOSOC, trusteeship, council, ICJ, and secretariat.

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Neoconservative means “A conservative who advocates the assertive promotion of democracy and United States national interest in international affairs including through military means.” ( Constructivist argues that transnational norms are powerful restriction of action in world politics. An example is Nuclear weapons are the most powerful weapon in the human history but they have not been used in many years. Constructivists believe that this exist in global society by government wanting to avoid by other actors in the international globe.

In the article “Republicans, in Search of a Foreign Policy” by Brian Katuclis  the way it coneects to International affairs is that in the article believe that neoconservatives is not only divided over security strategy but the conservative is fractured over government spending and defense budget. In the Domestic politics institutions, the state public opinion pressures can affect forging policy and national security initiatives. Romney says in the article that he would do things differently than presidents Obama in Egypt, in which it is America’s support for democratic transitions around the world. He believes that president Obama should go more detailed of strengthen military cooperation with Israel.  The bureaucratic politics have modeled foreign and security policies of the outcome of “Pulling and Hauling” of multiple organizations with different agencies. Many organization theorists claim that political institutions are like “Organized anarchies” by bureaucratic entrepreneurs are looking for problems rather than converse.


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Economic crisis with China

The way that realism and liberalism would explain the US Chinese relation is by the article of “China’s U.S. Debt Holdings Aren’t Threat, Pentagon Says” by Tony Capaccio and Daniel Kruger. In which it talks about the debt that the US have and has borrow money from China. China is one of the richest countries in the world. China had borrowed United States an estimate of $1 trillion to the United Sates. The theories that could be used in the case of USA owning money to China are the realism theories empirical, normative, and critical thinking theories. In the stand point of liberalism it seems that the United States wants to pay the debt by trying to come up with an agreement with China to pay the debt off. The way that this article connects to international affairs is a global issue of politic and especially in 2012 because of the election.

This issue concerns the United Sates because at any time China could declare war with the United States. In the article of “The Return of China Neocons: 2012 US Elections” by Dan Steinbock says “In the U.S. 2012 election, China’s continued growth, amidst U.S. and Eurozone debt crises, and the issue of fair trade policies, has raised concerns among U.S. policymakers.” In the impact of neo-conservation talks about the debt that the United has and have concerns of United Sates policymakers. The way that this article is connected to international affairs is that the 2012 election in the United Sates  is important of whoever is selected to be president and the action that the president would take from the economic crisis

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Theories of International Politics and Zombies

In the natural sources in the world of politics there are terrorist, disasters, climate change, financial crisis, and global cyber warfare. The zombie invasion theories of international politics predict that the dead would rise from the grave and feast. The U.S secretary of defense “Donald Rumsfled name the zombie the “Unknown unknowns” in the international security.  The international relations have a concern over nation and states. Another concern for nation and states is gaining power. The assumptions of the realist are anarchy of overarching the world politics and the absence of a centralized and legitimate authority. The realist predicts that one state amasses more power the other states will have a balance from that state and prevent dominating everyone. An example is that the United States is over at Afghanistan trying to find oil to bring to the United States. In the present time the United States control over Afghanistan but does not really know why they are there anymore because there is no oil to be found.  I do believe that international system is characterized by anarchy because there are many countries that want power over other countries and want the goods and service from that particular country. An example of buckpassing is when 9/11 had happen in the United Sates. There was an airplane that hit the twin tours and many innocent people had died. There was another airplane that was on its way to destroy the white house because of President Bush decision of going to Middle East to find oil.

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